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Amtrak 30th Street Station West Plaza and North Parking Deck

In an effort to improve its infrastructure, the Amtrak 30th Street Station underwent renovations to the West Plaza & Parking Deck and North Platform. Demolition to certain areas was conducted prior to the start of renovations. Features of the project include:

BIM visualization showing temporary protection

Basement Level

Our basic sequence in replacing the parking deck is protecting the utilities, shoring the columns/walls (this occurs at the parking level), removing the steel, preparing beam and column connections, erecting new structural steel/deck/concrete, painting, waterproofing, completing the plumbing/electric work and finally removing the protection from existing utilities.

Parking Level

  • Steel beam and girder bottom flange reinforcement/repair
  • Installing temporary lateral and cross bracing prior to demolition of parking level concrete and steel
  • Removing the slabs on grade and topping slabs
  • Installing new structural steel
  • Installing new concrete deck
  • Painting exposed steel
  • Installing new parking level lighting
  • Installing new waterproofing

Street Level

  • Replacing 20,000 sf structural deck
  • Installing new sloped slab street level
  • Installing new waterproofing and expansion joints
  • Pouring new topping and roadway concrete slabs
  • Addition of granite wall, flagpoles, lightpoles, street light signal and signage

Being a logistically complicated renovation located in an active train station, the project was phased to ensure a safe construction zone and minimal interference with station functions.




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