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Amtrak 30th Street Station Parking Garage and Pedestrian Bridge

Construction of a 9-level, 1,525-space parking structure on a two-acre site at an urban Amtrak and regional rail hub. The site is located just north of Arch Street, between operating rails of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor and the Race Street Engine Facility.

The precast concrete structure has three 54-foot bays, with two parking levels below the street. The façade consists of precast columns and spandrels with curtainwall and specialty metals façade components. Three elevators provide vertical access to all parking levels. The facility is equipped with automated pay-on-foot machines and includes equipment storage, controls, and maintenance areas. An enclosed pedestrian bridge over Arch Street provides access to the station.

A unique challenge of this site is that access was restricted by a narrow underpass below Market Street Plaza. Three supporting columns had to be relocated to accommodate 3,500 deliveries of steel and concrete over the 13-month construction schedule. New foundations, steel columns, supports, and paving activities were coordinated closely with Amtrak to avoid disrupting vehicle access to station operations located on this level.




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