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Amtrak Historic Wilmington Station

Restoration of a 100-year old landmark designed by renowned Philadelphia architect Frank Furness. Wilmington Station is Amtrak's 11th busiest nationwide, serving in excess of 700,000 passengers per year. The station is served by up to 90 trains per day: 70 Amtrak trains traveling the Northeast Corridor and another 20 SEPTA trains providing service into Philadelphia. The revitalized station will provide improved passenger services while retaining its historic character.

Constructed in 1907 at a cost of approximately $300,000, the brick structure with stone trim and terra cotta tile roof features a prominent clock tower and arched windows in the style of Gothic Romanesque Revival. The ground floor provides ticketing and passenger services, staff offices, and limited retail space. Elevated rail lines pass through on the upper level, where there are two indoor waiting rooms overlooking a mix of high and low level platforms.

Ticketing Area with Modern Ticket Counter

Station Interior Renovation

Interior and concourse renovations include the lobby, ticketing area, waiting areas, restrooms, retail space, and offices. A modern ticket counter was installed, escalators and elevators upgraded, and all amenities brought up to current ADA standards. Finishes include polished stainless steel, glass, and teal terrazzo floors. The result is improved functional areas providing better passenger flow and access to platforms.

A temporary station was erected adjacent to the existing facility and the station interior was closed during renovations.

Façade Restoration

The entire façade was repointed and repaired and all windows were replaced. Canopy glass was removed, the structure cleaned and repaired, and the glass reinstalled. Restoration began along the south façade and progressed counter-clockwise around the building, with successive work areas coinciding with work on adjacent platforms and bridges to minimize impacts to pedestrians and traffic. Safety controls included barricades, scaffolding, and safety netting, as well as temporary relocation of a bus stop. Noisy work was restricted to off-peak hours.

Platform and Track Work

An existing temporary platform along the south side of track 1 was replaced with a permanent high-level platform approximately 300 feet in length. Remaining high- and low-level platforms on all three tracks were repaired or replaced with new base slabs and curbs. Waterproofing and drains were replaced on all three track beds to ensure the integrity of the building envelope and rail lines. Amtrak closed track segments and diverted trains for this work, which required temporarily removing the rails. An unused retail concourse on the Track 3 platform was renovated and expanded.

Bridge Work

Seven elevated rail bridges traverse Wilmington city streets in the vicinity of the station. The exterior and underside of these aging bridges were sand-blasted, repaired, and repainted. Where required, selective replacement of concrete and steel was completed as well as lead-based paint abatement. Bridge work was accomplished using temporary lane closures on individual bridges. This was done concurrently with track work above in order to minimize impacts to vehicular and pedestrian traffic below.



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