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Harrisburg Mall Phase II

The project consists of a new 80,000 square foot theater complex, significant renovations to adapt the new theater building and new additions to the front of the mall to create a streetscape and lifestyle center atmosphere. 

The Great Escape Theater 14-screen, stadium seating style theater featuring the latest technology of audio and visual equipment.  The project is unique in that the theater level is elevated above grade to align with the upper level of the mall.  It is supported by a concrete structure, which allows for parking underneath the theater addition.  The theatre addition is a structural steel frame with structural stud and EIFS exterior wall system to match and complement the existing mall. 

The streetscape phase of the project will include new additions Panera Bread, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and World Sports Bar and Grill by Sega.

Alexander served as the Construction Manager on all phases simultaneously, developing individual control estimates for each phases, monitoring and reporting on the project expenditures on a monthly basis, holding and managing the subcontracts, and returning all savings to the Owner.



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