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Lehigh County Government Center

Former shoppers will never recognize what used to be Leh's Department Store in downtown Allentown. The decision to renovate the old store by the county administration was due to the proximity of the building to the Lehigh County Courthouse. That decision called for a complete makeover of the 120,000 square foot, five-level building.

The main lobby is designed to take in as much natural daylight as possible. A staircase rises diagonally along one wall guiding eyes to the balcony on the second level that rims the lobby.

The most-used fiscal offices are conveniently sited on the first floor as well as human resources and services. Private meeting rooms are small, but the 14-foot high ceilings and large windows dispel any closed-in feeling.

Throughout the building natural light through large windows is used to move large numbers of people through not-so-large areas in an atmosphere of comfort, air and light. The public hearing room is positioned for easy and quick access at the right of the lobby. Elliptical and rimmed with windows, the room can hold a large gathering.



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