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Lehigh Valley Health Network - Rapid Response Lab and Pathology Renovation

This multi-phased project consisted of renovation/expansion of both the Pathology Department and Rapid Response/Blood Laboratories at Lehigh Valley Hospital's Cedar Crest campus. Our project team broke the project into five distinct phases:

  • Radiator Processing Room and Bio-specimen Lab Renovations
  • Pathology Department Renovation/Expansion
  • Gross Room Renovation
  • Rapid Response Lab Renovation/Expansion
  • Blood Lab Relocation and Renovation
The Radiator Processing room and Bio-specimen Lab (Phase 1) was one of the most complicated phases of this project due to the need for continual operation. The Translogic Tubing System and Radiator Processing Machine had to stay operational at all times. We made a dedicated schedule to make sure the multiple pieces of equipment were strategically relocated early in the project to make sure they were continuously accessible and operational throughout the renovation/expansion.

The Pathology Department Renovation/Expansion was broken down into two separate phases which ran concurrently with each other to save money, time, and inconvenience. We created a temporary trailer work space for the Pathologist's Administrative Staff in order to eliminate the moves within the Department while keeping a collaborative work environment. That temporary space kept them directly connected to the Pathologists and Gross Room at all times. That temporary relocation allowed the construction to take place over approximately 5,606 SF of space rather than three small individual areas. This renovation included the Pathology Operations, Existing Pathology Offices, and the POCT/IRR area. The temporary move not only reduced schedule and time in the Pathology renovation but also helped reduce schedule and time in the Rapid Response renovation/expansion.

A very specific approach was used in Phase 3 - the Gross Room renovations, with operational grossing stations taken into consideration. The ceiling and above-ceiling mechanical work was broken down into three phases around the three grossing laboratory stations: South, Center, and North. The wall construction renovations were broken down into four specific phases: Alcove Area 227, West Wall, Center Counter, and East wall. Slide storage was always accessible.

All areas around the construction area were occupied and fully functional during the construction and renovations. All ICRA and ILSM procedures required for working in an active laboratory environment were stringently maintained.



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