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Mount Nittany Health - East Wing Expansion

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Construction of a 4-story addition above the existing 3-story East Wing and adjacent to an occupied hospital. The first new level adds 12 additional intensive care beds and 9 acute care nursing beds. The upper two floors provide 47 additional acute care beds. The single-patient rooms incorporate a variety of services from built-in oxygen stations and monitoring systems to an integrated data system containing vital medical records. To make a patient’s stay as comfortable as possible, rooms provide details such as blackout shades, remote-controlled flexible lighting options, and a clock at the foot of the bed. These rooms were developed from a model constructed at a nearby warehouse, where hospital staff members were able to test the layout and amenities from the perspectives of both caregiver and patient.

The addition was completed in a single phase prior to connecting it to the existing facility. Existing mechanical equipment located on the roof of the original structure (now the second floor of the ICU) was maintained until the 4th level penthouse was constructed and the new equipment placed into service. A complex sequence of temporary feeds and tie-ins ensured continuous operation during construction and a smooth transition upon completion. Associated renovations to the medical center entailed significant upgrades to the mechanical and electrical infrastructure and extension of emergency power and chilled water piping through a new utility tunnel.




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