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K-12 Education
Parkland School District - Synthetic Turf Athletic Field

This project involves conversion of an existing field to a synthetic turf field for soccer, field hockey and lacrosse. The field and track were originally completed in 1999. Over the years the track surface has worn and is in need of recoating. Due to high traffic, the grass has not been able to rest and repair, resulting in many uneven clumps, divots and mud that create high maintenance for staff and unsafe surfaces for athletes. Switching to an all weather field will maximize the total days the field can be used.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Replacement of existing field with a Sprinturf Ultrablade DF Elite dual-yard synthetic turf (combination of monofilament and parallel-fibrillated fibers interlocking to eliminate infill flyout)
  • Modifications at the high jump and shot put areas
  • Protection of the existing track
  • Adding a new curb and trench drain on edge of existing track
  • Storm water management
  • Planning for future construction of a new ticket booth, team rooms and elevated scorers table



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