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Healthcare and CCRC
Polyclinic Medical Center Expansion

This was a four-year, multi-phased construction program to renovate and expand the operations and services of an active medical campus. All phases of work were completed during normal operations of the facility. Careful planning during preconstruction provided a detailed schedule of phases that allowed the hospital to plan department moves three years in advance. Management of noise, cleanliness, safety, traffic flow, and staff relocations were continuously monitored and orchestrated so that hospital services were not negatively impacted.

Phase 1 consisted of a 32,000 square foot addition for new surgical units and a hospital front entrance. Another 68,000 square feet of renovations provided new laboratories, a critical care unit, a nuclear medicine facility and an intensive care unit.

Phase 2 included 78,000 square feet of renovations to create new neonatal care facilities, a childbirth suite, and an obstetrics nursing unit, as well as a new EKG and diagnostics area. Renovations were made to the existing dialysis unit, respiratory care, cardiac rehabilitation, and pre-admission and outpatient registration. The entire hospital campus electrical service was also upgraded.



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