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Rodale Inc. - South Mountain Center

This 3-story, 122,000 S.F. office building features innovative ideas for air circulation and lighting that are unique among building construction practices.

Wide corridors and many skylights combined with tall ceilings, windows that open plus open transoms send shafts of daylight and interesting shadows throughout the office space. The interior offices have glass corners.

Each office has fresh air pumped into the rooms by a system separate from the heating and air conditioning systems.

Hidden in the earth is an 80,000 gallon cooling tank filled with ice to cool water at night, when temperatures and power rates are lower. This unique system uses the earth and the building for insulation from external temperatures.

First Floor: Offices for employees, a cafeteria, child care quarters, mailroom, bicycle parking room, and employee shower rooms. Also, a state-of-the-art conference room with multimedia and interactive communications capabilities, capacity for 175 people, and on-site catering facilities.

Second Floor: Offices, library, conference rooms, and a solarium.

Third Floor: Offices, sundeck, and conference room.



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