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Two Rivers Landing Visitors Center

Two Rivers Landing Visitors' Center is a keystone in the revitalization of downtown Easton, Pennsylvania.

The project involved the conversion of two vacant department stores, comprised of five different buildings into an integrated tourism attraction.

In addition to the Visitors' Center and gift shop, the facility also houses Binney & Smith's Crayola Factory, The Hugh Moore Canal Museum, a National Heritage Corridor Visitors' Center and a McDonald's Restaurant.

The Crayola Factory dramatically features Binney & Smith's corporate history, machines making their famous crayons and markers, art exhibits and hands-on opportunities for children to create art.

The Hugh Moore Canal Museum depicts the history of the system of waterways that once connected commercial centers throughout the northeast.

The project involved the integration of five buildings constructed between 1850 and 1929. The 65,000 SF facility now appears as one building with a new brick facade and dramatic windows. A steel and glass pedestrian bridge links the buildings and provides a unique aesthetic to the building.




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