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York Hospital - Emergency Power Systems Improvements

New infrastructure and equipment upgrades were performed to support the hospital in the event of unexpected power failure, and allow the full operating load of the facility to be generated onsite if needed. This multi-building complex was constructed from 1927 through 2002 and posed significant coordination issues to the team.

Features of the project included:

  • Installation of a new 6.75MW power generation plant
  • New high voltage substations within the hospital
  • New and retrofitted automatic transfer switches
  • New high voltage electrical feeders within the hospital complex
Electrical shutdowns and tie-ins affected all areas of the operating hospital. In order to maintain existing operations without interruptions, an extensive planning and coordination plan was put into place. More than 100 utility shutdowns were performed over the course of the project, planned and executed to minimize impact to hospital staff and to maintain staff and patient safety. All critical pieces of new and existing equipment were tested prior to shutdowns to ensure they operated as designed.



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