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A.I. duPont Children's Hospital - CICU/NICU Expansion

Phased expansion and renovation of the pediatric cardiac and neonatal intensive care units in an operating hospital facility. Phase 1 involves construction of a 15,000 square foot overbuild, above an existing 1-story administrative wing. Twenty-two 3-ton limestone panels are being removed from the existing second story façade to accommodate the addition, which consists of structural steel and concrete on metal deck. Phase 2 involves interior renovations to the former CICU / NICU spaces totaling 7,500 square feet, including nurses workstations, examination rooms, patient beds, storage areas, and corridors.

Construction activities performed immediately adjacent to occupied space require careful planning and management of issues related to traffic flow, access, wayfinding, cleanliness, noise and dust control, and the safety of both occupants and construction workers.

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